Hi. This is the website of Mustard Mastering & Graphics - a one-man multimedia company dealing with audio mastering to CD, CD duplication, and visual design for the music industry. I specialise in developing professional looking, best quality sounding promotional material and releases for bands and small record labels.

Yours truly.
The links down the right hand side are to pages dealing with the specific areas; from most music industry graphic considerations to web design for Musicians/Artistes and organisations on a low budget.

Many of my cover designs are on CDs and records released, yet more are for local bands using CDs to get gigs and attract interest from labels and managers, etc. All of the websites are for artistes currently working and/or releasing product.

I have worked with most genres of music from grunge and metal to folk/cajun to nursery rhymes for schools(!!!). There are many examples of my work at the 'samples' link on the right.

Site maintenance by Daz Smith. Contact: daz@mustard-mg.com with questions, comments, lawsuits, trading links, etc.....

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