CD Duplication

CD duplication can be a thorny problem for bands. Its a big commitment getting 1000 or even 500 from a mainstream manufacturer. Believe me, I have a small record label, lots of boxes of CDs in the kitchen can look pretty sad after a few weeks!! On the other hand CD-Rs can look amateurish at very least.

I generally make the first master copy of both the audio and the artwork for CDs, but can do relatively short runs on CDR which look and sound brilliant. I use only the highest quality audio discs, which are printable using inkjet technology.

Mustard copying For short runs (50-200) I use an M-Tech multiwriter. This is because there is no point making a stamper for such a short run - far too expensive. This writes 100 in about half an hour! The copies can either be printed or non-printed and prices vary accordingly.

I can currently offer 50 and above at 1.30 per copy. For that you get a CD in a jewel case with full colour on-body printing (ie, ink straight to the disc NOT A STICK ON PAPER LABEL). Printing of the paper parts (front/inside, and back) is not included. This is extra and negotiable depending on design specifications and order quantity.

Either call me on (0115) 9100843 or 07909 782 595, or email me for more specific quotes.

For runs longer than this I strongly recommend you use a mainstream manufacturer (such as Doc Data or Key Productions) as the cost comes plummeting down with pressed runs of at least 500.

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