CD Mastering

This is a service in which your DATs and other source material are turned into compact discs with much better sound, with correct track orders, etc. ready to make bulk copies.

Why have your music mastered?

When you leave most recording studios with either a DAT or CD it is usually the raw results of your recording session. This will not sound as good as it could. Professional CDs have been through an additional process in which the sound is processed for optimum sound on CD players in the home. You may also want the songs in a different order to the CD from the studio.

Compression/Limiting Compressing and carefully limiting the recording will give it more punch than the original by squashing the dynamics and making the sound appear generally louder and more powerful. I have several different compressors, some separate, some integrated within mastering hardware & software.

Panning Different frequencies on a recording can be isolated and compressed differently, but they can also be panned differently in the stereo field, giving, for example, a wider sound to say the vocals or bass.

Equalisation Manipulation of the equalisation of the raw recording, along with compression, will bring your recording alive. This process can also compensate for dull or overly bright recordings resulting from only having heard them in a studio control room.

I do all this using Focusrite, T-Racks, Alesis, Arcam, Quad, Monitor Audio and KEF audio gear, and M-Tech/LG CD writing. Results are tested on extremely high end valve audio gear, mid-range solid state, and ordinary audio systems.

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