Cover Design

This is a service in which your CDs and/or record used for either demo purposes or real releases can be designed. This includes front and inside, back and label. For this I used industry standard software, scanner and digital camera. Files can be prepared for printing elsewhere or here (for short runs).

Having a well designed cover on your demo CDs makes a world of difference to your chances of getting good work, believe me. When I was booking bands for a Midlands venue, the CDs which arrived with just marker pen on top of the CD-R manufacturers label generally went straight into the cancellations drawer. I always took the attractive and informative ones first.

Front and inside

The front and inside are 24cm x 12cm, with the right hand portion showing in the front of the CD case when folded and assembled. The back of this can also be designed to enable information to be available when the card is (inevitably) taken out by people playing the disc.

The left portion of this piece (shown above) shows inside the CD when opened to play the disc - it usually contains a track list, some details about the recording, record label logos, etc.

The Back

15cm x 11.8cm - usually displays track list, some information about the recording, copyright info, barcode, and label logo.

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