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Updated for academic year 2011-12

If you need to know how to go on in the music biz at the 'rough' end, or if you are studying Music Business as part of a course - this is the place for you. It's not a 'how to get rich and famous' site - it's a 'here's some advice from an experienced musician who used to teach music business' site.

New section on Music Business and The Internet which shows how to get your music available for download with iTunes, etc, and a great free download site for those with tight budgets.

New section on Cover & Tribute Bands - which discusses the ins and outs, the whys and wherefores..

The information was originally put together in this form to help me in my former job - as it meant I didn't have to carry around all this stuff in hard copy - I could go onto the net and print it off if I needed to. I have continued to maintain and add to the site simply because of the emails I get from the many visitors - primarily asking questions, but many simply offering their support - for which I am grateful. All clearly find it useful. Some of the information is casual and light-hearted, but some of it is deadly serious and difficult to grasp first time - be patient and studious!!

Use the links down the left to find the topic areas discussed. Some of the topics have several pages, links to which are in smaller text beneath the main category areas.

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My Disclaimer

This site is primarily educational and the information on it is volunteered freely by me as a service to those who feel they may need it. None of the content is guaranteed to be effective or true for everyone - it is based on a combination of my personal experience and the research I've done as a music business teacher.

While the information contained on the site is based on some of the courses I taught, the site itself does not constitute a course. There is no qualification to be earned from studying the information. I neither claim nor expect any responsibility for the careers of anyone who happens to act on any of the advice herein.

Please note this site is written from the viewpoint of the UK music industry. Although much of the material is in principle tranferable to any country, some of it will specifically refer to the UK situation. This will mainly be those areas which refer directly and indirectly to UK Statutes, for example The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of 1988. Most topics covered however will be internationally useful.