For many of the services I provide, good pictures are essential as the raw materials for design. Of course, you may already have photos which you consider appropriate for your designs. This is cool by me. I can scan them or you can bring me them as computer files. If you have very little experience of scanning let me do it.

The Good and Services I have at my disposal several cameras of various types for the taking of photos of bands and the like. I have a few SLRs of the 35mm variety which use traditional film, and I have a couple of excellent D-SLRs. I can use any you wish. I prefer the digital these days as the turnover is much quicker and, contrary to popular belief, the quality is higher.

The Usual Procedure For most shoots I attend a gig (free of course!!) or rehearsal and snap away. Sometimes it might be some luxurious location - like a post apocalyptic er... building site or something - you know the story.

Some of my live gig photos can be seen HERE.

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