Poster Design

Yep, we all know what posters are, and what they're used for. But how often are they any good?

Why have your posters designed? The majority of bands I work with have an image scheme they want to stay consistent with. This is especially true because they have all their logos and whatknot together under one roof.

Most of the posters I have designed have been in high resolution A4 size, enabling excellent reproduction at larger sizes, such as A3 and above. Many are designed in colour but with black and white reproduction in mind, especially as much smaller fliers.

What are posters used for? The vast majority I do are for advertising live gigs. These are mostly for regular clients who use the same or a similar poster but have different dates and venues entered accordingly. The original artwork comes with a fee dependant upon the time and effort taken to produce it, whether or not I had to take pictures or do scans etc, and the design time itself. After that there is a small charge for follow ups.

They are also used for:

  • Advertising releases
  • Advertising for additional band members
  • Completing promo packages

Don't forget, once an image scheme is built up for an artiste, posters and fliers are easily constructed from existing raw materials, and can change as often as necessary utilising the same photos and logos, etc.

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